July 10, 2006

Update, update, updatercon!

I hadn't realised how long it had been since i last posted here until today. WOW! I raelly do slack off sometimes. It's been so long since the last update that I have no idea where to start so I'm going to make a list and work my way through it. Just so you know this update has probably taken a few days of drafting to actually reach it's finished and jumbled up mess of a state.
When I've actually finished this post I'll put a note at the top of it saying, FINISHED!, until then everything is still incomplete. I would save it as a draft and post it all when it's finished but then you'd have to wait even longer for any sort of update.

Onto the list...

1: Job Situation (...a.k.a. the waiting game)
2: Flat Location, Information, etc (Oh my god... are those trees?!)
3: Snagged me a beautiful young lady (but what is she like?)
4: Pets, pets, rabbits for pets. (we won't eat them, we promise)
5: Eyeliner and Poetry time.
6: Money, money, money issues... (it's a good job i owe to friends but banks)
7: Random information (purchasing, music, clothes etc)
General Plans for the next month or two

1: Job Situation (...a.k.a. the waiting game)

Well, I'm fairly certain that everything is going to be okay in regards to the job situation. If everything goes without a hitch then I'll be working at St.John's Education in Po Lam. I've already signed the contract and my visa application is being processed as we speak. I recieved a call from them a couple of days ago saying that they expect to hear from the visa department in 2 weeks and then I'll be able to start working. I'll no longer be paid hourly, at the moment I get payed HK$150 per hour and my schedule is shitty, instead I'll be on HK$15,000 per month and I'll finally get public holidays off. As soon as I get a visa I'll also be able to open a new bank account in Hong Kong and be able to apply for the international calling plan with my mobile phone provider. Currently you need to autopay the HK$38 charge and my LCH bank account was recently closed without my knowledge so i've been unable to do that. I really can't wait to start working in a new place as Interkids is beginning to annoy me and seems to be slowly going down the pan. They've recently lost a large amount of their office staff due to overworking and students have also been dropping out. Brendan and I haven't lost any students so at least we're safe in the knowledge that we're not dragging the place down.
The new job will provide me with piece of mind, a steady income and I'll be able to leave HK for travelling purposes without fear of not being let back into China.
To get the job I just applied over the internet and then after a brief interview I was asked to teach a trial lesson to pre-kindergarten students, also known as babies. The whole thing went extremely smoothly and everyone seemed to have fun so right away I signed the contract, provided them with every certificate (thanks Dad) they needed and now it's just a case of waiting.

Wish me luck folks!

2: Flat Location, Information, etc (Oh my god... are those trees?!)

We finally moved into our new flat during April. I was staying with Gabe and Sally (thanks!) in Shatin whilst Brendan was staying with Shaun in Central. Being able to coem home from work and actually sit down on your own sofa is a wonderful thing. Due to the moving in we're both in a wee bit of debt but more on that later. Our flat was unfurnished when we moved in, all that we were provided with were kitchen and bathroom fixtures, 2 air-conditioners (both faulty at the time but fixed now), a water heater for the shower and a desk. We've now bought a fridge, a stove, an oven (unfortunately broken now), an amazing L-shaped sofa, the best shower curtain in the world and some cages for rabbits haha. Brendan and I didn't want to live on HK island or anywhere too busy so Tai Wai seemed like the perfect place. It has one of, if not the, largest KCR stations in Hong Kong provided access to both the Lo Wu line and the other one (it doesn't to Ma On Shan but i don't think that's what it's called). We've also only one KCR stop away from Kowloon Tong which has it's own MTR station. We're both able to take a faster, cheaper and quieter route to work where the MTR train actually goes outside and trust me when I saw it's a lovely thing when you've woken up at 7.30am.
Gas, Electricity and Water is now pumped directly to our flats under our own names although we only use the Gas for the stove since discovering that cold showers are the way of the future.... or the past, you know, before heated plumbing.

I've got a fair few pictures of the flat but they're on my computer at home so i'll upload them when I get a chance.

3: Snagged me a beautiful young lady (but what is she like?)

*To the tune of Copacabana by Barry Manilow*

Her name is Cora, she's not a showgirl,
With red highlights in her hair and a rabbit over there.
Falalala, something something cha cha.
I've ran out of ideas, falalalala

*Stop the music*

Cora and I have been together since the 9th of April and I've not spent this much time with anyone for a long time. We get along pretty damn well and we both share a certain degree of immaturity. Eating has also become the event since we got together. I think it's safe to say that we both enjoy eating far too much, especially when sushi is involved. Our record for the most amount of money spent on sushi during one meal is around the HK$750 mark. As soon as I can grab those pictures off Cora's blog I will, they're quite impressive. I don't know what it is about sushi but I really can't stop eating it, it's amazing! Anyway back to Cora... She lives in Po Lam (Tseung Kwan O) which is about 1 hour away from my flat via KCR and MTR which is a bit inconvenient. On the plus side, my new job is in Po Lam so when I start I won't have to travel anywhere after work to meet her. I can just walk from work to her flat and that would only take about 5 minutes.
Here are a couple of pictures I stole off her blog, sometimes all there is to do in an mtr station is act stupid infront of a camera. I'll post some of mine when I get home.

She's much more attractive than I am
As you can see, she's much more attractive than I am.

I wonder what we're looking at...
Deep in thought... or just being idiots. I'm not sure.

Unfortunately last night I took Cora to the airport and I won't get to see her until the 26th of July.

Before I took her to the airport I had spent the whole day with her and her family. Waking up at 7.30am after going to sleep at 3.30am isn't exactly my idea of fun but if it meant meeting her parents and spending the day with her humorous family then I was more than happy to do it. I managed to get to Po Lam just after 9 o'clock and surprised Cora by actually calling her when I was outside the door of her flat as opposed to waiting at the MTR station. We had breakfast/lunch and dinner with her family (Mum, Dad, Sister, Aunt* and Aunt's son - *not actually her Aunt) and, considering I know next to no cantonese and her Parents don't know much English, I had a really nice time and I hope they did too. After we'd spent the day buying the last few things Cora needed before her trip, having lunch and generally just wandering around we jumped on the bus and made our way to the airport.

Sorry Cora, I fell asleep on you whilst we were going to the airport!
We said our goodbyes and had our picture taken by her sister and then she was off. Have a good time darling.
I'll miss you!!

4: Pets, pets, rabbits for pets. (we won't eat them, we promise)

Now I can't remember the exact date although I'll check my reciepts (yes, i keep reciepts..... in my wallet) but we know have pets! I know what some of you are thinking,

You: "But Rob, didn't you already have some pets? Two Hamsters i think."

Well okay, you're correct. We did have two hamsters, now we have one hamster and three rabbits! About a month ago poor Bubba, the fat hamster, kiffed it. He was found inside the tree log house surrounded by teenie-weenie bottles of paracetamol and whiskey. The hamster authorities have ruled the death suicide although they are keeping their beady little eyes on Forest, the neighbour, who lived across the cage in the mushroom house.

Our rabbits officially win though. I don't know what they win or how they've won it but they've done it. Rabbits > You.
The three rabbits we now live with are all female making the male to female ratio 4:3 (One male hamster, 3 human males and 3 female rabbits).
They are:

It doesn't matter if she's black or white

Baby Chubby

and Hoppy

These pictures are from when we first bought the rabbtis. They're much bigger now and i'll update them when I get the chance.

5: Eyeliner and Poetry time.

Oh, come on! I've not gone emo on you, i just wanted to make the list look longer...
Don't look at me like that!
I mean it!
.... the world is so cruel.

6: Money, money, money issues... (it's a good job i owe to friends but banks)

7: Random information (purchasing, music, clothes etc)

March 10, 2006

Say no to hairdresser!!

Once again my hair has fallen victim to hk hairdressers.
It's short... very short and god knows what he was trying to do with the fringe.
At one point he finished and had left me with a mullet... I knew then that no matter what it was going to turn out bad.
I just grinned my way through the whole thing and eventually found it funny that he thought he was making my hair look good!

Still hunting for a job, not going so well since most places are unwilling work visas to people without degrees.

March 01, 2006

Rob 1 - HK Immigration services 0

Just a short post to let everyone know that I made it safely into HK.
I'm a tad tired at the moment and in dire need of some chinese styled grubbery.
I'll post a big update either later on today or tomorrow.